blind date

Let’s kick this off with a complementary video chat to get to know each other, talk more about your expectations, business vision and goals and see if we are a good fit to work together.

homework time

You will start by completing a comprehensive branding workbook. Don’t worry, it’s not soul-sucking or exhausting work. Most clients actually think it’s a refreshing exercise that motivates them to move forward. I’ll also create a shared Pinterest board so that you can show me what inspires you. Once completed, we will have a 1-1.5 hour video chat where we will dissect your workbook, do some brainstorming and start to dissect the strategy and positioning of your brand.

foundation building

Next, I will jump into the driver’s seat to create your brand strategy brief, the infrastructure of your intentional brand personality. The visual direction to complement this positioning will become clear in the carefully-curated mood board.

work my magic

Once the foundation is solid, your brand is ready to be dressed up. This stage involves designing your logo and developing your tagline and other brand assets, keeping your discovery session findings in mind for a powerful visual identity that expresses your unique business personality and draws in only your dreamiest customers.

make it pop

Once all of the final flourishes are complete, I will deliver your brand board, style guide and provide all of the necessary files to share your shiny, new brand with the world and provide a tutorial for all web packages.

refine your style

Any assets included in your package will be created once your style guide is complete. This includes print and digital assets and website design and development.